Who We Are

Helen Cooper

I feel somewhat of a fraud being termed a founder member of The Alternate Shadows, given the company was, is and always shall be the brain child of Richard Harding. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

I was a member of Medway Little Theatre Youth Group back in the late 80’s/early 90s which is where I met and became mates with Richard. After 3 years at University in deepest darkest West Wales, I returned to Kent in 1995 and was asked if I wouldn’t mind ‘care taking’ the Youth Group until a suitable permanent leader could be found…. The caretaking role was to last 2.5 years! And it was during that time that Alternate Shadows was born and I welcomed the chance to get away from directing/mentoring and get involved in a really clever piece of writing with two very funny guys.

Because my memories of Albert are very much being the foil to Richard and Neil with the latter, seeming to be on a personal crusade to make me ‘corpse’…was a tough job being straight gal to those two I can tell you!

My tenure with Alternate Shadows was short lived given a year later I was to head to New Zealand, which is where I still reside to this day, but I am very glad to see Alternate Shadows still going strong and give my fond regards to you all back in dear old Blighty.