Former Members

Sarah Baker (nee Ireland)

My involvement with Alternate Shadows began in 2000 when my drama teacher at school was asking for people to audition for a role in a play with her local am dram group. She videoed my audition and they picked me!  This was the start of a wonderful stage in my life.

For the next few years I performed alongside some brilliant actors, some who should have been on far larger stages.  I had the privilege of being able to perform in the Duncan Rand One Act Play Festival with Alternate Shadows and was very pleased to be awarded the accolade of Best Supporting Actress.

In 2009 I trained to become a singing teacher and became too busy teaching and working full time to commit to rehearsing, so took a step aside.

Alternate Shadows holds a very dear place in my heart and I may well return to them in the future if I find I have spare time for a hobby.