Who We Are

Cordelia Harding

It's an honour to be a part of the Alternate Shadows group.

The shows we put on should bring tons of enjoyment.

In 2016, I performed in pantomime production `Babes In The Wood' at many primary schools and a church.  I played Gretel.

Last year I was a henchman in `Jack and the Beanstalk”.

What gives me such happiness is the fact that the set is completely original and the scripts are all written by one of the group.

Our lighting and sound is extraordinary too.

I also appeared in a monologue in an evening production called Battle of the Sexes in 2015, where I played a little old lady reading a humorous story to the audience in the style of “reading with mother”.

Everyone puts in a 100% effort and every member of our group contributes an outstanding amount of happiness, and laughter into the rehearsals and the productions to give audiences maximum enjoyment.