Who We Are

Kerrie Thompson

Kerrie has been an Alternate Shadows member for years... And enjoys being part of the very talented and joyous team of people.

She has acted for Alternate Shadows on occasion in small 'character' parts but prefers to be backstage. You can usually find her either holding the box office fort, managing front of house or backstage rummaging in costumes, playing with makeup, sorting out props, or directing and generally bossing people about. She does offer to paint set but only if it's paint by numbers and has done lights as long as it's only lights up or down...

Through her company Pyramid Puzzles, she writes the murder mysteries for Alternate Shadows. She also hosts them in case anyone asks the cast a tough question!

Her time is otherwise taken up as Director of Medway Little Theatre Youth Company, which she has been running for the last 23 years, and that keeps her young!

She is Alternate Shadows Child Protection Officer.