by Ben Elton

Sir Chiefley Lockheart is a bored businessman, with more money than God, who seeks the ultimate consumer product, something will have the same impact on the world  as the Pot Noodle. With his top man Phillip and his sidekick Sandy (who's been groomed) on their task, their mission is to turn the nation into suckers. 


Sir Chiefley Lockheart (Chief) - Andrew Manktelow
Philip - Richard Harding 
Sandy - Alan Roots
Kirsten - Sophia Hatchett
Miss Hodges, TV Reporter, Minister, Weather Forecaster - Helen Setchfield


Director - Richard Harding 
Assistant Director - L R Johnson
Stage Manager/Lighting - Renato Abeydeera
Sound - Corina Rios
Crew - Melanie Nettleton & Brad Kane
Set Designers/Props - Corina Rios, Kerrie Cooke & Christina Betts
Sound Engineers - Alan Roots & Calvin Beedle

3 February 2001
The Star Theatre, Star Hill, Rochester