Twisted Tales

Twisted Tales

Alternate Shadows performed a preview of their Edinburgh Show `Twisted Tales' as part of Shorne Wood Country Park's Shorne Shin-Dig, a celebration of local folk music and drama within the beautiful country park setting, which amongst others featured ever popular band `Serious Kitchen'.

Alternate Shadows returned from their 3rd Edinburgh Fringe having performed 'Twisted Tales' for 1 week at Rocket Venue 1-2-3 (Southbridge Resource Centre). "Always a learning experience" said directors Richard Harding & Kerrie Cooke. 

After a couple of successful previews of our original comedy sketch show in the Medway Towns, the Group was divided into two casts A & B, in order to ease the exertions required to both street-entertain, and perform on a daily basis. 

Promotional cast T-shirts, postcard flyers, posters and choreographed street entertainment were all organised. Monies were raised through local fund-raising. What could possibly go wrong? We were all prepared. Nothing could scupper our plans... 

Complacency that nothing was left to chance changed to anxiety, as the Group eagerly awaited a reviewer from 'The Scotsman' newspaper. 

By the mid-week stage, after a distinct lack of attendance of any 'Scotsman' reviewer, and only small audiences, we learned that The Scotsman were refusing to review shows entered into the Perrier Awards (which we were) and so wouldn't be reviewing us!

A three-star or more review can almost guarantee you an ever increasing audience during a run. So having no 'Scotsman' review at all was quite a blow for us. The choreographed street entertainment we had prepared was not going to be enough to get us the audiences we wanted, and there was a danger that the two casts would become despondent...

Concerted effort went into improving our street entertainment on the Royal Mile. Tim exposing himself down to his midriff - dressed as a pig, Steve dressed in Granny gear, Wez camping it up, Sophia, Tina & Corina dressed in saucy garb and the rest of the gang giving their all dancing, singing and flyering! We began talking to the public about shows we had personally seen, gaining their interest and then advising them of our show. 

Many bums on seats were gained this way - more than the flyering alone would have achieved. 
Ticket sales were not enormous, as per previous Edinburgh Trips in 1998 & 1999 - but interest from a group consisting of 20 or so young teenagers boosted our audience numbers considerably, bringing in their friends to watch as the week went on. 

A very tiring Edinburgh this year, but one that won't be forgotten in a hurry. 

Somewhere in the Korean TV archives is footage of an interview with a Pig announcing:

"Alternate Shadows - they're not normal!"

and perhaps more importantly:

"Come and see us today - there's plenty of pork for everyone!"

Poster by Kerrie Cooke

May 2001

June 2001
Shorne Country Park

August 20 - 25 2001
Edinburgh Fringe