The Tinker's Tale

Unusual Suspects - Halloween Horror Triple Bill

The witching hour is close at hand as Alternate Shadows presents a triple bill of spooky plays to tingle and chill over Hallowe'en. A Suspense Thriller, a Ghostly Tale and a Comedy Horror await those brave enough to enter...

The Tinker's Tale
The first radio broadcast of the Tinker's tale - The villagers dare him to stay the night in a haunted castle, he accepts the challenge and gets more than he bargained for…


Broadcasters - Chris Brake, Joel Cooper, Richard Harding, Sarah Ireland, Rachael Moss, Libby Weller, Emily Keogh
Sound technicians - Tina Betts, Sophia Harding, Chris Westlake, Steve Perrin


Director- Richard Harding

Poster by Chris Brake

22 November 2002 
Medway Little Theatre, Rochester