Dead to Rights

Dead to Rights
A Murder Mystery by Pyramid Puzzles

As part of the Rochester Dickens Festival, Pyramid Puzzles presented a brand new murder mystery set in Dickensian times: Dead to Rights.

Antiquated Aunt Agatha is failing fast - who is to inherit the Pinkerton fortune?

The few remaining possible heirs meet to await the news, but one of them is not leaving things to chance!

With all the suspense and thrills of a gothic mystery, the crime unfolds before your eyes and it's up to veteran Detective Inspector Grimpole of the Yard to solve the murder and arrest the culprit - but only with your help.

2015 Cast and Crew


Agatha - Chris Brake / Alex Lawes
Basil Pinkerton - Felim McCarthy / Mick Harris
Celia Pinkerton - Elaine Laight / Denise Wilton
Darby Pinkerton - Dominic McCarthy / Tracy Minhard
Frances Pinkerton - Sophia Harding 
Capt Regis Smythe - Richard Harding / Mick Harris
Tillis Edmunds - Carol Scott
Dr Moore - Dan Abraham / Steve Westcott
Inspector Grimpole - Owen Beesley 


Producer - Kerrie Thompson 
Lighting - Derek Thompson
Sound - Kairn Bignell
Backstage Crew - Christina Betts 

Poster by Tim Cooke

1 June 2003
Medway Little Theatre, Rochester

5 September 2015
Anchor, Sheltered Accommodation

2 October 2015
East Borough Primary School

4 October 2015 
Anchor, Sheltered Housing, Broadstairs 

10 October 2015
Longfield Scouts

7 November 2015
Woodpecker Shortmat Bowls 

14th November 2015
St Matthews Chrch, Borstal