Situation Vacant

Situation Vacant
by Ian Hornby

Out of work Derek doesn’t really want to work, and wife Jane has had enough. After a row she walks out, suggesting he should go through the papers for a proper job. Enraged, he decides instead to advertise for a new wife… and that’s really when his problems really begin.


Derek - Stephen Pearce
Jane - Denise Mylan
Sharon - Jilly Alexander
Julia - Carolyn Harding
Karen - Tracy Minhard
Mary - Kerrie Thompson
Lucy - Rachael Moss


Directed by Richard Harding
Stage crew - Tim Cooke, Renato Abeydeera, Corina Rios
Set Designers - Richard & Sophia Harding 
Lighting - Derek Thompson 
Sound - Alan Roots 

Poster by Tim Cooke

6 September 2003
Medway Little Theatre, Rochester