Mr Macabre's Inn

Mr. Macabre's Inn
A Dickensian-style Murder Mystery by Pyramid Puzzles

Has Mr. Macabre the Inn Keeper been pulling more than pints? What's the secret ingredient in Mrs. Macabre's popular pies? Does Tomjon Jones poach more than eggs? And why does Inspector Grimpole of the Yard need help from amateur sleuths? 

Watch as the events unfold and see how much of a super sleuth you really are. Can you discover the method, the murderer and the motive, and see justice done?

Lucy Windle - Tracey Mills
Mrs Wimplethorpe - Carol Scott
Myrtle Macabre - Christina Betts 
Tomjon Jones - Richard Harding 
Capt Pete Stone - Steve Perrin
Mrs Rosemary Lucas - Sophia Harding 
Sir Sebastian Farquahar - Mick Harris 
Det Insp Grimpole - Owen Beesley 
Jack Macabre - |Terry Williams (14th Nov ) & Tim Cooke (Sat 16th Nov)

Sound - Jamie Maisner 
Lights - Derek Thompson - (Sat 16th Nov only)
Stage manager - (Sat 16th Nov only) - Andy Whiting 
Directed by Kerrie Thompson & Richard Harding


Poster by Adam Pickering

Poster by Tim Cooke

14 November 2013
The Who'd Ha' Thought It, Rochester

16 November 2013
Cleave Warne Hall, Borstal

4 June 2004
Cleave Warne Hall, Rochester

5 June 2004
Medway Little Theatre, Rochester