Toffee Teddy and the Elf Who Stole Christmas

Toffee Teddy & The Elf Who Stole Christmas
by Richard Harding & L.R.Johnson

An original Christmas Panto for all the family by R.J.Harding and L.R.Johnson. 
Excellent fun with an educational theme running throughout. 
Premiered in January 2004. A sequel to last year's Timothy's Teeth.


Toffee Teddy - Denise Mylan
Gilbert the Elf - Joel Cooper 
Fairy Much - Tim Cooke 
Felicity Filling - Sophia Harding 
Monstie the friendly bedmonster - Steve Perrin
Father Christmas - Lee Johnson 
The Muncher Luncher - Richard Harding 
Grand Elder Fairy - Tracy Minhard
Amazing Man - Felim McCarthy
Fairy Nanny - Richard Harding 
Toothfairies - Nina Minhard, Saffron Thompson, Cordelia Harding
The voice of Timothy - Jacob McCarthy


Directed by Christina Betts
Lighting - Derek Thompson

Sound - Renato Abeydeera
Back Stage - Jilly Alexander, Peter Alexander & Victoria Horn


Poster by Tim Cooke

30 January 2004
Cleave Warne Hall, Rochester 

31 January 2004
The Brook Theatre, Chatham 


9 April 2003
ACE Europe Grant