Victorian Variety Revue

Victorian Variety Revue 
A tribute to The Good Old Days

Alternate Shadows hope to entertain you with an hour-long rip-roaring romp, splashed with a medley of melodic, mellifluous music, encouraging you to sing along to the captivating choruses of all the well-known songs.

Ooh, and Ahh at the multifariousness of the magic, and mysticism of the orient, weep and wail with the poignant sentiments of the monologues, thrill to the gallant heroics and treacherousness of the villain in our melodrama One Month to Pay or The Sailor's Return by Brian J. Burton.

Poster by Tim Cooke

3 December 2004
Cleave Warne Hall, Rochester 

5 December 2004
Medway Little Theatre, Rochester