by Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett's Book `Mort' - faithfully adapted by Stephen Briggs. Death comes to us all - eventually - for some it rushes towards them in frenzy, for others it sneaks up and taps them on the shoulder, in Mort's case - he offered him a job! For one night Mort is left in charge whilst Death has a Night off and has something almost unheard of - something called - Fun! 

Allowing his heart to rule his head - Mort causes the whole future of Discworld to be put in jeopardy. A host of wonderful characters: Ysabell - Death's adopted daughter who has been sixteen for thirty five years; the drippy nosed servant of Death - Albert whose cooking sets quicker than cement; a talking door knocker; a dead princess & of course curry loving Death who's also rather fond of cats.


Mort - Callum Hardeman
Death - Richard Gray
Albert Malich - Felim McCarthy
Ysabell - Megan Pemberton
Cutwell - Steve Perrin
Princess Keli - Emily Keogh
Hrita/Innkeeper/Bursar - L R Johnson
Lezek/Duke Sto Helit/Agatean Prince - Matthew Fray
Walter The Halfwit/Towncrier/ Rincewind - Christina Betts
Abbot Lobsang/King Olerve - Richard Harding
Lady of the Streets/Ms. Keeble/ Vizier - Tracy Minhard
Doorknocker/Acolyte - Sophia Harding
Goodie Hamstring/High Priest - Carol Scott


Directed by Richard Harding

Poster by Tim Cooke

21st October 2005
Cleave Warne Hall, Rochester

22nd October 2005
Cleave Warne Hall, Rochester