Plunder in the Snow

'Plunder in the Snow'
an original comedy by Julian Jacobs

This full-length original comedy play was written by Julian Jacobs from CHIPs and performed by a mixed cast of both theatre companies.

Plunder in the Snow sees Bernard and Charlie, a couple of lovable rogues, deciding to hide out in the deserted mansion of Dame Belchier Bottomly. What better way to avoid the Police than in luxury? After all the old dear has long since departed, and until the French long lost cousin twice removed - Lavinia Dupont - can be found, the mansion could be a great hidey-hole for the foreseeable future.

As with most great comedy capers the naive French Cousin materialises under the ever-watchful eye of the unscrupulous Vincent from Scammals Solicitors. In order to hide their identities Charlie & Bernard Masquerade as the Dame and her faithful butler.

Throw in a tiger, a nude under a duvet and a hidden safe, and what ensues is a tangled web of slapstick comedy and mistaken identities in a superb modern day version equivalent of Charley's Aunt...


Lavina Dupont - Kathy Maunder
Bernard Bottlesbee - Julian Jacobs
Charlie Slider - Tim Cooke
Vincent - Richard Harding
Dame Belchier Bottomly - Christina Betts
Police Officer - Carol Bennett


Set Design & Construction - Julian Jacobs & Tony Williamson, assisted by Alternate Shadows
Costumes/Properties - Christina Betts, Kim Chapman & Julian Jacobs
Sound - Damien Knapp
Lighting - Erica Jones
Directed by Richard Harding

Poster by Tim Cooke

15 April 2005
Cleave Warne Hall, Borstal 

16 April 2005
Cleave Warne Hall, Borstal 

13 May 2005
Aylesford Community Centre

14 May 2005
Aylesford Community Centre