Almost Haunted

Almost Haunted
An almost LIVE Ghost Watch Production

This spooky drama pokes gentle fun at television ghost hunters and the interactive show features “live link-ups” with a spoof studio team and local historian, who try to solve the ghostly noises and things that go bump in the night.

Join the Team as they investigate paranormal activities in the local area. As part of the studio audience you will have the exciting opportunity of watching the spooky goings on unfold before your eyes, both in the studio and via television link-up, as we follow the investigative Ghost Watch Team's findings.

Plus there will be ample opportunity throughout the investigatation to ask questions to the studio team and a local historian.

Who knows what might happen? This entertaining show is not for the faint hearted...


Trevor – Studio Manager: Chris Westlake
James Claypole - Studio Presenter: Richard Harding
Graham Myers - Local Historian & Sceptic: Richard Gray
Ruby Taylor - Paranormal Specialist & Historian: Lauren Gilbert
Evelyn Fields – Paranormal Investigator: Sophia Harding
Eric Angora - Psychic Medium: Mick Harris
Joe Thorn - Vicar: Lee Johnson

Studio Lighting Technician: Ben Harrison
Studio Sound Technician: Erica Jones
Studio Camera 1: Tim Cooke
Studio Camera 2: Christina Betts

Investigative Crew:
Sound Man: Chris Brake
Cameraman: Joel Cooper
Richard Harding - Theatre Spokesman
Wez Setchfield

Poster by Tim Cooke

27 October 2006
Cleave Warne Hall

28 October 2006
Cleave Warne Hall

8 November 2006 
Brook Theatre, Chatham