A Visit from Miss Prothero

A Visit From Miss Prothero
by Alan Bennett

Mr. Dodsworth, who is in contented retirement after a lifetime of diligent service, has his illusions systematically destroyed during a visit from Miss Prothero, his former employee, who regales him with tales of the old firm since computerisation.

But she's curious too. "Is that your wife in the picture?" she says. "We'd just got married" he says, "Well" she says "no wonder she's smiling."

Geoff Down from Wigmore MADS Theatre Group is a welcome guest acting alongside our very own Christina Betts in this classic comedy by Bennett.

Directed by Christina Betts and Geoff Down.

Poster by Tim Cooke

Poster by Chris Brake

30 June 2007
Cleave Warne Hall, Rochester

4 July 2007
Brook Theatre, Chatham