5 Lines of Sheridan Crummey 

5 Lines of Sheridan Crummey 
by Steve Walker

Since the first Steve Walker radio play was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1988, there have been 41 more. They have been broadcast all over the world, in the original and in translations and new productions. Over the years they have wowed many, outraged some, and won a few awards. One review called them 'the most inventive used of radio since The Goons'.

Having written to Steve Alternate Shadows are delighted to be allowed to perform it to you as a LIVE Radio play

`The 5 Lines of Sheridan Crummey’ first broadcast in 1993 on Irish Radio RTE.

Sheridan Crummey is a veteran Irish actor, has had a small part in the same hit whodunnit play for 29 years inLondon. It transpires that he has also been playing the part in the New York production for the same 29 years. What follows is a mind-bending ghost story which began in an Irish country house 60 years ago. Now it develops into an international crisis and psychic infection where everyone's mind is commanded by the 5 lines of Sheridan Crummey.


Matthew Fray
Tracey Mills-Maisner
Chris Brake
Sophia Harding
Richard Harding 


Foley - Tracey Mills-Maisner
Producer - Richard Harding 
Lighting - Andy Whiting
Sound - Helen Bradshaw 

Poster by Chris Brake

June 28 2008
Cleave Warne Hall