The Frog Princess

The Frog Princess 
by Trevor Suthers

A family pantomime at The Pilgrim School, St William of Perth RC School (sold out) and St Margaret at Troy Town CE School (sold out).

"I'm so vexed I could crush a cabbage
with my bare hands. I could kick a puppy.
There's nothing else for it, I'll have to take it out on somebody!"

An original variation on the time-honoured tale we have Princess Gloria from Astoria who is currently a frog, a witch who can't decide whether she's good or bad, Numbskull & Bumpkin our comic heroes, the Evil Queen Callus and her daughters the down trodden but pure of heart Rosetta and her horrible step sister Sarcastica, a magic mirror a lovesick servant called Laces & other various unlikely heroes.


Bumpkin - Chris Brake
Numbskull - Steve Perrin
Frog Princess - Helen Bradshaw
Queen Callus - Carol Scott
Princess Sarcastica - Mick Harris
Princess Rosetta - Danni Scott
Laces - Emily Keogh
Witch - Sophia Harding
Magic Mirror - Dominic McCarthy (Pilgrims Performance) & Felim McCarthy
Guards - Christina Betts, Tracey Mills-Maisner,
Felim McCarthy, Richard Harding, Sam Harding-Miller


Director - Richard Harding
Costumes/Props - Thanks to the United Players of Walderslade
Christina Betts & Cast
Set Design and Construction - Tim Cooke, Chris Brake, Andy Whiting,
Geoff Down, Helen Bradshaw & Sam Harding-Miller
Lighting & Sound - Ben Harrison & Andy Whiting

Poster by Chris Brake

January 2009
The Pilgrim School

February 2009
St William of Perth RC School 

February 2009
St Margaret at Troy Town CE School