The Jhansi Jewels Affair

The Jhansi Jewels Affair
A Pyramid Puzzles Murder Mystery

One pleasant afternoon in the summer of 1858, the gentle tea-room of the Mayfair Hotel, London is the last place one would expect a murder.

Major James Hornby, who has recently returned from Northern India where he commanded a regiment fighting off the ‘Indian rebellion’ of May 1857, is having tea with his prospective parents-in-law, Lord and Lady Snitchworth, and their daughter, his fiancé, Emily.

Whilst exchanging pleasantries with another table, where acquaintances Lawrence Kingly and Caprius Smith from the recently dissolved East India Company are sipping Darjeeling tea, Mahil, manservant to Major James Hornby, interrupts the afternoon pleasantries with a telegram that changes everything…

In a mystery full of jealousy, intrigue and fabulously expensive jewels at the heart of the matter, it will be a matter for the ‘little grey cells’ to catch a cold-blooded murderer.


Major James Hornby - Nathan Allenby
Lord George Snitchworth - Felim McCarthy
Lady Amelia Snitchworth - Tina Betts
Emily Snitchworth - Jayne Friend
Lawrence Kingly - Chris Brake
Caprius Smith - Steve Perrin
Katherine Rani - Sophia Harding
Milly the Waiteress - Carol Scott
Junior PC - Tim Slucock
Inspector Grimpole - Bob Cooke


Lights - Ben Harrison
Sound - Hannah Stennett

Poster by Chris Brake

14th November 2009
Cleave Warne Hall, Rochester

4th March 2009
The Brook Theatre, Chatham