The Whole Story

The Whole Story
by Matthew Fray, Sophia & Richard Harding, Chris Brake, Tim Cooke and Denise Lyons

It's like this. Tom likes Mary. Mary likes Tom. It seems Tom and Mary are made for each other. If it wasn't for Frank. Frank is Tom's little brother. Ever since they were children Frank's stood between them. Sometimes quite literally. And then of course there's Annette. Annette likes Tom but she definitely doesn't like Mary. In this comedy of failed romance we get to see the tale told from two different sides. His and hers. But remember... there are more than two sides to every story.

Mary - Sophia Harding
Tom - Richard Harding
Frank - Chris Brake
Nicholas - John Bradshaw
Dick - Matthew Fray
Annette - Tracey Mills-Maisner


Director - Chris Brake
Sound & Image Engineer - Mick Harris
Sound - Mick Harris
Lights - Andy Whiting
Projectionist - Jamie Maisner
Stage Manager - Helen Bradshaw
Stage Crew & Props - Christina Betts, Lizzie Bradshaw
Scenery Painting & Designer - Chris Brake

Poster by Tim Cooke

9 July 2009
Brook Theatre, Chatham 

One of our two entries in the Duncan Rand One Act Play Festival 2009 at MLT, Rochester, but cancelled due to illness.