Henry's Magic Jam

Henry's Magic Jam
by Ian McCutcheon

A Jam packed Pantomime for all the family

“So how many stale doughnuts did you eat for breakfast today?”

Welcome to Chrufton, deep in the countryside, miles from anywhere, to watch our sticky tale.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stay young forever?

Well eating some of Henry’s jam every day could be the answer. With plum picking help from the little Jammie Dodger folk, the secret of the jam may well have fallen into the sticky mitts of dastardly Gangster villain Ebenezer Grunge.

Bodger & Kreepe - Grunge’s hoodlum sidekicks - add to the slapstick as Henry’s daughter is held for ransom. Can our hero Tom Quicksilver save the delicate Anna and foil the Jam recipe ransom? Add in Dame Lucy Lastic, her idle son Billy and faithful Panto dog Hopsack to the mix, and it’s a jam packed panto of fun and frolics.

Raising monies for three local schools.


Fairy Nuff -Christina Betts
Henry Logg - Lee Johnson
Billy Lastic - Richard Harding
Hopsack The Dog - Jamie Maisner
Lucy Lastic - Mick Harris 
Anna Log - Jayne Friend
Ebeneezer Grunge - Owen Beesley
Kreepe - Tracey Mills-Maisner
Bodger - Sophia Harding
Tom Quicksilver - Helen Bradshaw

Jammy Dodgers assisted by John Bradshaw, Sam Harding-Miller


Director - Richard Harding
Costumes/Props - Kerrie Thompson, Andy Whiting & Cast
Set Design, Painting & Construction - Richard Harding, Chris Brake, Andy Whiting, Helen Bradshaw & Tracey Mills-Maisner
Lighting & Sound - Ben Harrison

Poster by Chris Brake

6th Feb 2010
St William of Perth R.C School, Rochester

13th Feb 2010
Pilgrim School, Borstal

27th Feb 2010
St. Margaret's at Troy Town, Rochester