Wrong Number

Wrong Number
an original comedy play by Bob Cooke

Miss Marbles knows life only through her experiences in the little village of St. Margaret Meadow - or has she travelled more widely than she'd have us believe? She has a mind as sharp as a new pin - or is it as blunt as a rusty old nail? Does she still have the sleuthing power to crack the mystery of Uncle Sheridan's death - or is she cracking up herself? This time ace Detective Joan Marbles might find that her number's up!


Miss Joan Marbles - Sophia Harding
Inspector Hugh Flack - Roger Hoffman
Sargent Andy Temple - Josh Adcock
Harold Hillman - Tim Cooke
Martha Miller - Carol Scott
Uncle Sheridan - Bob Cooke
Aunt Alicia - Denise Lyons
Dr Edmund Slice - Ren Abeydeera
Lucy Lambton - Jayne Friend
Rodney Fairweather - Andre White /Adam Peter
Bobby Sweet - Bob Cooke


Stage Manager - Kairn Bignall
ASM - Jamie Edwards
Costumes & Props - Kerrie Thompson

Poster by Chris Brake

7th July 2010
Brook Studio Theatre, Chatham