Battle of the Sexes 2011

A one-act play evening to find the answer to that age old question...  

Who is better – male or female?

Two teams competed for the audience votes for the coveted title.

Each group was given the task of finding a one-sex-only one-act play, where every aspect would be handled by the same sex only, from costumes, lighting and sound to props.

Girl's Team - WINNERS

'Who’s Calling',
adapted from the writing of Richard Matheson.


Sophia Harding as Margaret Philips
Denise Lyons as Miss Elva Keene
Jayne Friend as Miss Finch
Christina Betts as Narrator


Director – Tracey Mills
Lights – Tia Barrie
Sound – Helen & Lizzie Bradshaw
Stage Manager – Christina Betts
Crew – Carol Scott
Painting & Design – Tracy Morford

Boy's Team

by Patrick Cannell:


Richard Harding as 1st Jumper
Roger Hoffman as 2nd Jumper
Felim McCarthy as Window Cleaner


Director & Lighting – Owen Beesley
Sound – John Bradshaw
Stage Manager – Andy Whiting
Painting & Design – Chris Brake
Special Effects – Roger Hoffman & Andy Whiting

by Peter Bridges


Mick Harris as G
Steve Perrin as Jack
Owen Beesley as Bill


Director – Richard Harding
Lights – Andy Whiting
Sound – John Bradshaw
Stage Manager – Richard Harding

Shared Tombstones – Constructed by Andy Whiting & Painting & Design – Tracy Morford

Poster by Chris Brake

15th October 2011
Cleave Warne Hall