Bring on the Lions

Bring on the Lions
by Bob Cooke

Definition of Entertainment:
Any activity providing a diversion or permitting people to amuse themselves in their leisure time. From the winning writer of the 2007 and 2008 Duncan Rand One Act Play Festival. A unique experience!


The Goddesses - Dana Jensen, Amber Mullane, Jemima Odem, Lucy Pearmain
Julius Caesar - Tommy Vince Drew
Centurion - Verity Spinks
Decanus (his sergeant) - Nathan Hammond
Bogrud, a runaway slave - Lenny Daly
Offensio, a fishmonger - Louisa Leach
Tortello, a pizza salesman - Alice Doye
Two Gladiators - Jamie Edwards, Travis Martin
A Tyke - Elliott Odom
Three lions - Amanda Docherty, Emma Hollands & Katie Parkinson
Prospero, a Senator - Aidan Martin
Liquoricia, his wife - Isabella Taylor
A soothsayer - Natalie Bradbury
A galley whipman - Lizzy Bradshaw
A galley drummer - Lucy Pearmain
Gaius Casca - Sam Costelloe
Marcus Brutus - Jamie Edwards
Cleopatra Rosemary Williams
Nefernefer, her slave girl - Brooke Clarke
Another Slave girl - Hannah Mukhtar
Two Egyptian guards - Nate Barker, Andrew Spearing 
Supporting cast - Natalie Bradbury, Anine Boucher, Brooke Clarke, Charlie Morel, Hannah Mukhtar, Harriet Spinks, William Stockwell


SM: Kairn Bignell
Tech Team: Rory Alderton, Hannah Stennett
Director: Kerrie Thompson
Assistant Director: Jayne Friend

6th July 2011
Brook Theatre, Chatham