I Wish I Was Special

I Wish I Was Special
An original drama by Steve Perrin

Jay is a mugger whom Chloe falls foul of, a deeply troubled young man. All is not as straight forward as it seems as the role of victim becomes clouded when the perpetrator of the mugging appears in desperate need of her help.

Steve Perrin - Jay
Amy Lyons - Lizzie
Natalie Bradbury - Chloe
Jayne Friend - Rachael

Director – Jayne Friend
Lights – Helen Bradshaw
Sound – Mick Harris
Stage Manager – Richard Harding
Stage Crew – Denise Lyons & Lizzie Bradshaw

Poster by Richard Harding

8th June 2011
Brook Theatre, Chatham

20 July 2011
Duncan Rand One Act Play Festival, Rochester


Duncan Rand One-Act  Festival 

1st Place
Best Original Play
Best Actor - Steve Perrin
The Adjudicators Award - Jayne Friend for directing and acting 
Runner up for Best Actress - Natalie Bradbury
Runner up for Best Juvenile - Amy Lyons