Passion and Commitment

Passion & Commitment - A Life of Harriet Taylor Mill

An original costumed period drama by Owen Beesley.

A young married woman falls for the brightest mind of her generation and he for her. How will love thrive in the teeth of social disapproval and family upheaval?


Young Harriet - Jayne Friend
Older Harriet & Mother - Christina Betts
Father - Roger Hoffman
John Taylor - Richard Harding
Young John Mill - Steve Perrin
Old John Mill - Owen Beesley


Director - Richard Harding
Lights - Tracey Mills
Sound - Jamie Maisner
Stage Manager - Andy Whiting
Stage Crew - Tia Barrie
Projection & Filming - Mick Harris
Set - Andy Whiting, Tracy Morford,
Julie Beesley & Alternate Shadows
Costumes/Props - Alternate Shadows

6 July 2011
Brook Theatre, Chatham

20 July 2011
Duncan Rand One Act Play Festival, Rochester


Duncan Rand One Act Festival

Special Certificate for Best Stage Crew on 'Passion and Commitment' - Mick Harris

Nominated: Best Lights - Tracey Mills-Maisner
Nominated: Best Supporting Actor - Richard Harding