Battle of the Sexes 2012

A one-act play evening to find the answer to that age old question...  

Who is better – male or female?

Two teams competed for the audience votes for the coveted title.

Each group was given the task of finding a one-sex-only one-act play, where every aspect would be handled by the same sex only, from costumes, lighting and sound to props.

Girl's Team - WINNERS

Camp Confidence 
by Diana Raffle


Julia – Sophia Harding
Fiona – Alex Lawes
Maria – Karen Williams
Blanche – Carol Scott
Donna – Katie Sands
Cherry - Emily Keogh 
Blanche Smellie - Irina Fridman


Team Captain & Director - Kerrie Thompson
Lighting - Helen Bradshaw
Sound - Lizzie Bradshaw
Stage Manager & Crew - Debbie Sands, Jaimie Kennard, Clare Baker

Boy's Team


A Case of Beans 
by Doc Watson

Conman - Terry Williams
Simon - Adam Pickering
Jack - John Bradshaw

by David Neale

Archie - Mick Harris
Dennis - Felim McCarthy

Mirror To Yourself 
by Mark Howard

Mr Black - Mark Waterfield
Mr Grey - Steve Perrin
Mr Amber – Richard Harding
Mr White - Mel Paszkowski


Team Capt - Steve Perrin
Director - Richard Harding
Lights & Sound - Derek Thompson

Poster by Chris Brake

6 October 2012
Cleave Warne Hall