Charles Dickens - Hero or Zero?

Charles Dickens - Hero or Zero?
a new play by Alis Hawkins

A Rochester Cathedral project featuring Alternate Shadows.

Charles Dickens – great man of nineteenth century literature, social reformer, outstanding example of the Victorian family man: in short, a National Treasure. But National Treasures have private lives and, in Dickens's case, he made sure it stayed private.

So, imagine what would happen if the real Charles Dickens were to appear before a live studio audience to be interviewed, if his family and friends were to paint a picture of the real Charles Dickens – flawed father, flawed husband, flawed man?

Be part of the LIVE audiencelisten to those who knew Charles Dickens best, and see episodes from his life.

Seeing both the best and the worst of the author you thought you knew, at the end you will have the opportunity to cast your vote; was Charles Dickens hero or zero? 


Mr Dickens/Boz - Mark Waterfield
Polly Green - Sophia Harding 
Marcus Lemon - Owen Beesley 
Young Boz - Dominic McCarthy
Catherine Dickens - Alex Lawes
George Hogarth - Roger Hoffman
Jemima Wilde - Christina Betts
Kate Dickens - Karen Williams
Floor Manager - Helen Bradshaw
Charlie Dickens - Alan Tolhurst
John Forster - Brian Micklewright
Angela Burdett-Coutts - Carol Wrate
Nelly Ternan - Alison Day 
Assistant Floor Manager - Sue Saville


Directors - Alis Hawkins & Richard Harding
Producer - Helen Bradshaw
Costumes - Annalise Harvey
Set & Props Construction - Bob Young, Kerrie Thompson & Denise Kinnon
Sound & Lighting - Ben Harrison & David Waggett
Artwork - Chris Brake
Stage Hands - John & Lizzie Bradshaw

Poster by Chris Brake

2 & 9 June 2012
Rochester Cathedral Crypt