by Peter Bridges

Mick Harris as G
Steve Perrin as Jack
Owen Beesley as Bill

Director – Richard Harding
Sound - Ben Harrison
Stage Manager – Richard Harding

Tombstones – Constructed by Andy Whiting, Painting & Design by Tracy Morford

21 February 2012
Southern Counties Theatre Festival, Barn Theatre, Oxted

 Adjudicator's comments on Jack

``In this intriguing piece with a twist in the tail, humour and drama sit side by side, initial conflict and tension need to move to a coming together. It is ambiguously written and you can make choices about who Jack and G really are, with two strong actors creating two very different and contrasting characters. The setting has to take us into a believable cemetery and lighting has a part to play in creating atmosphere and highlighting key moments''. 


"An excellent set filling the stage. Tombstones well designed, constructed and looked solid with differences between them. I didn't recognise the intro music but it was entirely appropriate musically and lyrically. It seemed right that G should be wearing a white suit ( was a red tie telling us something?) and contrasted effectively with Jack's more sombre suit''.


"The antagonism, conflict and tension inherent in the text were brought to life in this production and the humour was lightly played. A good pace was established from the start along with rhythm in the dialogue. Effective use of music before Jack's final monologue. Good use of lighting for Jack's final moment''.


"Both actors created strong and contrasting characters and worked well together''.