Battle of the Sexes 2013

A one-act play evening to find the answer to that age old question...  

Who is better – male or female?

Two teams competed for the audience votes for the coveted title.

Each group was given the task of finding a one-sex-only one-act play, where every aspect would be handled by the same sex only, from costumes, lighting and sound to props.

Girl's Team

The Ladybirds 

by Tony Layton

The village drama group has lost all its men. The future looks bleak until a young director agrees to help out. She is professionally trained and has a plan that will give the group a new lease of life. She persuades them to enter the 'Dame Agnes Wragg Festival of One Act Plays for an All Female Cast', with a rather controversial play she has written herself.

When the word gets out, the local vicar's wife attempts to ban the production, but the Upper Plumtree Players has its own way of dealing with misguided authority.


Marge – Carol Scott
Betty – Karen Williams
Faye – Keren Read
Francesca – Alex Lawes
Julie – Louisa McNally
Babs – Gina Pearce
Agatha Frost – Sophia Harding
Drama Judge – Tabitha Mickelburgh


Lighting – Kerrie Thompson
Sound – Cordelia Harding 
Backstage – Tabitha Mickelburgh
Props – Kerrie Thompson, Lizzie Bradshaw & cast
Director – Alex Lawes

Boy's Team - WINNERS

In Touch With Your Balls 
Original premiere by Matthew Fray.

Meet the Broomfield Community Men’s Group. There’s pretentious trainer Patrick, the young fantasist Alistair, Cross-dressing Bob and jobsworth security guard Steve, and let’s not forget Brian; a group of oddballs to say the least, but then you haven’t met Elise...


Man & Photographer – Dominic McCarthy
Patrick Holland – Richard Harding
Bob Platt – Tim Cooke
Alistair Preddy – Adam Pickering
Brian Bateman – Steve Perrin
Security Guard Steve – Roger Hoffman
Commentator – Matthew Fray
Dave – Lee Johnson


Lighting – John Bradshaw
Sound – Fenton Garstang
Stage Manager – Andy Whiting
Stage Crew – Oscar Harding & Dominic McCarthy
Director – Fenton Garstang

Poster by Alex Lawes

21st September 2013
Cleave Warne Hall, Borstal 

WINNERS - Boy's Team

The winning Boy's Team