Dick Whittington and His Cat

Dick Whittington and His Cat

Get Ready for the Pantolympics!

Join Dick and Tommy the cat as they try to prevent evil King Rat and his bumbling rodent sidekicks Scratch & Sniff from ruining the opening ceremony of the Pantolympics. Can Dick and Tommy save the day with the help of Fairy Bow Bells, or will old rat face succeed in ruining the games and becoming Lord Mayor of London?

Dame Sarah – Richard Harding
Tommy – Helen Bradshaw
King Rat – Roger Hoffman
Alderman – Mick Harris
Dick – Lizzie Bradshaw & Adam Pickering
Scratch – Sophia Harding & Karen Williams
Sniff – Alex Lawes
Alice – Nina Minhard & Katy Sands
Fairy Bow Bells – Felim Mccarthy & Terry Williams

Director – Richard Harding
Backstage Crew - Andy Whiting, Christina Betts, John Bradshaw, Tracy Mills, Lizzie Bradshaw, Felim McCarthy & Terry Williams
Costume/Props - Andy & Alison Whiting, Christina Betts, Kerrie & Derek Thompson, John Bradshaw
Set Design, Painting & Construction - Andy Whiting, Alex Lawes, Adam Pickering, Richard Harding, Helen & John Bradshaw, Trace Mills, Katy Jane Sands, Debi Sands, Christina Betts
Sound & Lighting - Jamie Maisner, Lizzie Bradshaw, Felim McCarthy & John Bradshaw

Production in memory of Ben Harrison.

Poster by Tracy Morford

9 February 2013
St. William of Perth CP, Rochester

16 February 2013
Riverside CP, Rainham

2 March 2013
The Pilgrim School, Rochester

9 March 2013
Cleave Warne Hall, Borstal