Battle of the Sexes 2014

A one-act play evening to find the answer to that age old question...  

Who is better – male or female?

Two teams competed for the audience votes for the coveted title.

Each group was given the task of finding a one-sex-only one-act play, where every aspect would be handled by the same sex only, from costumes, lighting and sound to props.

Girl's Team - WINNERS

Alas, Poor Geoffrey
by Alistair Faulkner


Grace - Sophia Harding
Vanessa - Helen Bradshaw 
Julie - Lizzie Bradshaw
Sheila - Tracy Minhard
Lorraine - Sophia Springett

Directed by Karen Williams
Lighting - Cordelia Harding
Sound - Kerrie Thompson
Backstage - Karen Williams 

Boy's Team

Saints Preserve Us
by Matthew Fray


The Prior - Roger Hoffman
Brother Luke - Adam Pickering
The Auditor - Richard Harding
Trappist Gary - Tim Cooke
Young Man - Dan Abraham
Brother Robson - Chris Brake
Brother Jerome - Steve Perrin


Directed by Tim Cooke and Richard Harding
Stage Manager - Andy Whiting
Lighting - John Bradshaw
Sound - Renato Abeydeera
Filming and editing - Mick Harris 

Poster by Tim Cooke

6 December 2014
Cleave Warne Hall, Rochester