Steam Radio

Steam Radio
a comedy by Peter Higginbotham 

Steam Radio follows an ill-assorted group of actors rehearsing and then performing a live radio version of "Shortish Encounter" (an affectionate Noel Coward parody).

Hermione – Helen Bradshaw
George – Felim McCarthy
Suzanne – Sarah Weekes
Richard – Dom McCarthy
Rose – Emily Keogh
Cleaner – Kerrie Thompson
Terry – Adam Pickering
Maurice – Richard Harding

Set – Andy Whiting
Director – Mick Harris
Lighting – Derek Thompson
Sound – Mick Harris

Poster by Adam Pickering

Saturday 30 November 2013
Cleave Warne Hall

Adjudicator's comments on Steam Radio


"The company are to be congratulated on their appropriate and imaginative set. The sound studio was a triumph and some of the funniest moments were the scenes of exasperation seen through the window''.

Artistic Achievement

"This is a strong company with a good awareness of comedy and of the audience. A great set was certainly an achievement.''