In Touch With Your Balls

In Touch With Your Balls
Original Comedy by Matthew Fray

Meet the Broomfield Community Men’s Group. There’s pretentious trainer Patrick, the young fantasist Alistair, Cross-dressing Bob and jobsworth security guard Steve, and let’s not forget Brian; a group of oddballs to say the least, but then you haven’t met Elise...


Man – Dominic McCarthy
Patrick Holland – Richard Harding
Bob Platt – Tim Cooke
Alistair Preddy – Adam Pickering
Brian Bateman – Steve Perrin
Security Guard Steve – Roger Hoffman


Lighting – Helen Bradshaw
Sound – Fenton Garstang
Stage Manager – Andy Whiting
Stage Crew – Oscar Harding & Dominic McCarthy

Poster by Tim Cooke

25 June 2014
Brook Theatre Chatham

17 July 2014
Medway Little Theatre, Duncan Rand One-Act Play Festival


Duncan Rand One Act Play Festival

The Comedy Award - Richard Harding
Best Lighting - Helen Bradshaw
The Merit Award - Roger Hoffman for The Security Guard

Click here to listen to Matthew, Steve and Brian interviewed on Monday Matters with Jason McCrossan 16th June 2014. 

Interview starts at 2:01:50 and ends at 2:47:00