Alas, Poor Geoffrey

Alas, Poor Geoffrey
by Alistair Faulkner

On 23rd February Alternate Shadows presented Alas, Poor Geoffrey at The Barn Theatre, Oxted, Surrey as part of the Southern Counties Drama Festival.


Grace – Sophia Harding
Vanessa – Karen Williams  
Julie – Jayne Friend
Sheila – Elaine Laight 
Lorraine – Alex Lawes


Directed by Karen Williams
Sound – Mick Harris
Stage Manager - Richard Harding 

23 February 2015
Southern Counties Festival, Barn Theatre, Oxted

Review of the Southern Counties Festival by Chris Butler

This is a comedy, set predominantly in a well-proportioned room of a large house with french doors leading to the garden. The set suggested that large room, with sufficient furniture to make it visually credible; however, the furniture positioning may have required a little more thought, as there were some sight line issues during the course of the production. The play is a comedy which must be played with sincerity and pace, sadly the pace flagged at times and the early promise of quickfire entertainment slumped, with a lack of pace causing the humour to ebb and flow.

The action centred around the catering arrangements for the recently departed Geoffrey's funeral, to which is added a compote of dotty, sullen, vacuous, grasping and murderous characters. There were some fine comedy opportunities which the audience thoroughly enjoyed, but which may have been made even more of had the pace been sustained throughout. The play contains many "revelations" as the family come to blows (both physical and psychological), all of which were handled well. The costumes had been well thought through and adequately portrayed some of the quirks of the characters with some success.