In The Habit Of Murder

In The Habit Of Murder
A Pyramid Puzzles Murder Mystery by Kerrie Thompson
Maisy is getting married and insists that it happens at her godmother Agnes's convent church.Harry, her fiancé disappears amidst tears and tantrums shortly before the ceremony, just as a young novice finds a body... 

Wedding bells, pretty maids and a dastardly murder all make for an challenging mystery for the investigating officers at the nuptials. 

Agnes Lawson - Sophia Harding 
Robbie Gibson - Mick Harris 
Harvey Trent - Felim McCarthy 
Rosie Gibson - Carol Scott 
Abbot Simeon - Kairn Bignell 
Billie Bingham - Elaine Laight, Steve Westcott (27th June) 
Maisy Gibson - Jayne Friend (20th March & 9th May), Nina Minhard (17th April), Alex Lawes (16th May, 27th June & 25th July) 
Winston - Richard Harding ( 20th March & 17th April), Terry Williams ( 9th & 16th May & 27th June), Owen Beesley (25th July) 
Louisa Fry - Tracy Minhard, (20th March), Helen Bradshaw (17th April, 9th & 16th May & 25th July), Tarara Seers (27th June) 
Donald Digby - Adam Pickering, 20th March & 17th April, Dan Abrahams (9th & 16th May), Chris Brake (27th June & 25th July) 
Peter James - Dominic McCarthy (20th March, 27th June & 25th July), John Bradshaw (17th April & 9th & 16th May) 
Sister Cecilia - Sarah Weekes (20th March), Sophia Taylor (17th April & 9th May), Karen Williams (16th May), Emma Thompson (27th June & 25th July) 
Host - Kerrie Thompson, John Bradshaw (25th July) 
Backstage - Caz Mills (20th March)
Lights/Sound - Christina Betts ( 20th March, 17th April, 9th & 16th May & 25th July), Andy Whiting, ( 20th March & 25th July), Derek Thompson (17th April, 16th May & 27th June) 

Poster by Tim Cooke

25th July 2015
28th Medway Scouts

27th June 2015
11th Medway Scouts

16th May 2015
St Matthew's Church

9th May 2015
Woodpeckers Short Mat Bowls Club, Bobbing Village Hall

17th April 2015
The Roffen Club, Rochester for The Friends of Wisdom Hospice, Medway Sunlight Rotary

20th March 2015
Vigo Village Hall, Gravesend, for Culverstone & Vigo Scouts  

7th March 2015
King's School, Rochester