Deborah - Jayne Friend

Michael - Chris Brake
Jason - Steve Perrin
Katie - Nina Minhard
Peter - Adam Pickering
Helen - Cordelia Harding

Director - Steve Perrin

Stage Manager - Christina Betts
Sound - Mick Harris
Backstage Crew - Caz Mills, Richard Harding

Poster by Chris Brake

15 July 2015
Duncan Rand One Act Festival, Medway Little Theatre

27 February 2016
Southern Counties Drama Festival, Barn Theatre, Oxted


Duncan Rand One-Act Play Festival 2014

Best Supporting Actress - Nina Minhard 
Best Actor - Steve Perrin 
Merit Certificate for a Commended Performance - Sam 


Best Supporting Actor - Mike Dickinson

Review of the Southern Counties Festival by Tricia Whyte

'Survive' written, directed and acted in by Steve Perrin was an enigmatic production with sinister undertones.

The setting was deliberately simple and timeless. The set consisted of four beds and a brightly coloured door above which a clock face counted down the seconds. The hard white, bright lighting enhanced the atmosphere and throughout the performance the actors were well grouped on the stage. They had pace and energy in their speaking and the Director had a clear idea of what he wanted to achieve.

Jayne Friend, playing Deborah gave a realistic performance of a distraught woman. Her husband Jason, played by the author was suitably arrogant and bombastic. A sinister stillness emanated from Michael as the actor Chris Brake managed to convey inscrutable quietness in his body language. Nina Minhard as Katie was both neurotic and naive as befitted the role. Adam Pickering as Peter created a sympathetic character and Cordelia Harding in a cameo role as Helen was realistic with her stillness throughout the play and her choking at the end.

The Adjudicator commented that dramatic interest was maintained by an air of mystery.

In summary, a wonderful week with some truly gifted Adult and Youth productions, imaginative and diverse subject matter and TALENT..........!!