Battle of the Sexes Play Evening 2017

Hosted by Renato Abeydeera

The welcome return after a two-year absence.
Both teams competing to win votes from the audience after watching Bouncers & Shakers by John Godber & Jane Thornton.
Led by Team Captains – Mick Harris & Carol Scott.

Bouncers  by John Godber

Bouncers is a warning and a celebration – a nightmarish vision of the nightlife scene

Lucky Eric – Mick Harris
Ralph – Jez Walters
Judd – Julian Burrows
Les – Felim McCarthy

Director & Stage Manager – Richard Harding  
Lighting - Kairn Bignell 
Sound - John Bradshaw

Shakers by Jane Thornton

A nostalgic return to the clubland scene of the 1980’s

Adele – Alex Lawes
Carol – Sophia Harding
Mel – Karen Williams
Nicki – Emily McCarthy

Director & Stage Manager – Carol Scott
Lighting - Helen Bradshaw
Sound - Christina Betts


This year's proud winners were the Girls Team

Shakers was subsequently performed at the Woking Drama Festival

on Tuesday 10th October 2017 

Woking Drama Festival.png