Battle of the Sexes Play Evening 2017

Hosted by Renato Abeydeera

The welcome return after a two-year absence.
Both teams competing to win votes from the audience after watching Bouncers & Shakers by John Godber & Jane Thornton.
Led by Team Captains – Mick Harris & Carol Scott.

Bouncers  by John Godber

Bouncers is a warning and a celebration – a nightmarish vision of the nightlife scene

Lucky Eric – Mick Harris
Ralph – Jez Walters
Judd – Julian Burrows
Les – Felim McCarthy

Director & Stage Manager – Richard Harding  
Lighting - Kairn Bignell 
Sound - John Bradshaw

Shakers by Jane Thornton

A nostalgic return to the clubland scene of the 1980’s

Adele – Alex Lawes
Carol – Sophia Harding
Mel – Karen Williams
Nicki – Emily McCarthy

Director & Stage Manager – Carol Scott
Lighting - Helen Bradshaw
Sound - Christina Betts


This year's proud winners were the Girls Team

Woking Drama Festival.png

Shakers was subsequently performed at the Woking Drama Festival on Tuesday 10th October 2017.

Sophia Harding was nominated for Best Support Actress, but congratulations go to Emily McCarthy who won Best Supporting Actress. 

Woking Drama Festival Award 2017