The Story So Far...

Alternate Shadows began in 1996 with our entry into the Duncan Rand One act Play Festival - with a comedy play called `Albert' at that time members of Medway Little Theatre were unable to enter the Adult Competition as Medway Little Theatre so an entry name was needed.

Having entered the Adult Play Festival for two year's prior with original written Dramas, for which we got no where it was decided to alter direction and do a Comedy instead. Our previous plays had been dark, tense dramas I wanted it to be an alternative to the dark shadow something light - and so alternate shadows was born.

It was never initially the intention that Alternate Shadows would be anything but an entry name and it wasn't until a group of us wanted to put on a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Medway Little Theatre were not looking to participate in a trip to the Festival that we began performing shows to raise money to fund such a trip. A lot of fun was had and at the end we wanted to do it all over again and so we began raising money once more to put on a Comedy Revue at the Fringe the subsequent year and the rest is as they say history...

In 1998 Renato Abeydeera pioneered us on the web and our first web site was born which Ren has lovingly looked after for us. Since then Alternate Shadows has grown and gone from strength to strength. We have not let new leaps in technology slow us down, and we have embraced change.

We now use primariliy a laptop to operate Sound for shows opposed to mini disc. Switched from snail mail to electronic e-mailing of our productions.

With the emergance of FACEBOOK and TWITTER we have our own FACEBOOK Group page which Jamie Maisner is an Administrator on, and we have a Twitter account which Christina Betts looks after for us.

Our eye catching posters now detail Facebook page, Alternate Shadows Website.

Our very first event at Cleave Warne Hall. In the programme I advised that our very first Club evening was 7th Feb 2002 and we were looking forward to announcing shows at the Hall in the months ahead once all the electrics had been re wired. 

In 2015 Chris Brake has dragged us even further with our new revamped website which I think will continue to show our development as a Group.  

Fundraising Events

5 July 2007
Borstal's Got Talent

Pilgrim's school, Part Of A Church Community Event 

April 2008
The Spring Quiz, Hosted by Tim & Kerrie
Cleave Warne Hall, Borstal

2 August 2008
First Ever Horse Race Night
Cleave Warne Hall, Borstal

April 2009
Quiz Night
Cleave Warne Hall, Borstal

October 2009
Quiz Nights
Cleave Warne Hall, Borstal

October 2010
Quiz Night
Cleave Warne Hall, Borstal 

September 2011
Autumn Quiz
Cleave Warne Hall, Borstal

4 August 2012
Story Reading at Folkestone Festival
Felim McCarthy, Karen Williams, Richard Harding  

22 September 2013 
First Ever Car Treasure Hunt by Rob and Chris Brake
WINNERS - The Bradshaws