Greasy Spoon

Greasy Spoon
A comedy sketch by Matthew Fray

The local caff has gone upmarket.


Matthew Fray
Renato Abeydeera
John Dean
Robert Le Sun

Medway Camcorder Club Annual Film Competition

Judges Comments

Ron Fulcher

This film took me back to the days when I was on the road and yes some of them were as bad as this.

It had very good sound and the actors knew their lines and spoke them without the hesitation that is the norm with most amateur actors. The editing was nice and tight and kept the film flowing well. A nice little comedy good entertainment.

Derek Baxendale

I enjoyed this short comedy film, it was acted quite well they knew their lines well and the sound was put together well. The editing was well done and the story flowed quite nicely. A good comedy film well done.

Shirley Fulcher

I thought that this was a nice little comedy that was well acted and well lit and the actors spoke their lines as if they meant them. The sound was very good the shots were nice and steady and the editing was tight which kept the film flowing nicely. A good little film, well done.