The Corpse in the Crypt - Rochester Cathedral

The Corpse in The Crypt
Pyramid Puzzles Murder Mystery

A Fund Raising Event with Rochester Cathedral

In the calm of the Benedictine Priory of St Andrew, it was time for Vespers.

Brother Alwyn was reading from the Book of Hours. The pilgrims seated in the small chapel,

heads bent in prayer, did not see the monk appear at the entrance until he moaned and his lifeless
body hit the floor, his hand outstretched clutching a human bone. Barnabus, The Sheriff of Rochester,
turns to his trusted friend Brother Alwyn for help in solving the puzzling case of the corpse in the Crypt.

Set in Medieval times, the peaceful setting of the Priory is the last place one would expect a murder.

In a mystery full of twists and saintly intervention, it will be a matter for the ‘little grey cells’ to catch
a cold-blooded murderer.


Brother Alwyn - Owen Beesley
The Sheriff of Rochester - Steve Perrin
Cynric – Andre White
Lady Girard - Christina Betts
Eveanne - Jayne Friend
Milla - Tracey Mills-Maisner
Morgan De Monfryd - Mick Marris
Madam Winterbury - Sophia Harding
Lucas Bridgewood - Wesley Setchfield
Monks/Sheriff's men - Derek Thompson & Kairn Bignall


Lighting/Sound -Ben Harrison & Hannah Stennett
Directed by Kerrie Thompson

Poster by Lynne Egide

16 April 2010
Rochester Cathedral