Alternate Shadows presents an all new Pyramid Puzzles Murder Mystery

A Fund Raising Event with Rochester Cathedral.

There is a dead man on the cathedral floor. Did the Captain of the Home Guard think he was a spy? Then there’s the lady from the tea shop. Did she kill him in a jealous rage because he was flirting with the local barmaid? Why was Reverend Pilbright so very distraught? And who was the stranger in the crypt?

This is a tough one for Inspector Grimpole. Be there to see him solve a very enigmatic mystery!


Captain Walter Whittering - Mick Harris
Reverend Hugo Pilbright - John Bradshaw
Mildred Merridrew - Helen Bradshaw
Beryl Broadbutt - Christina Betts
Sally Scrub - Jayne Friend
Luigi Livorno - Geoff Downe
Mary Masters - Sophia Harding
Freddie Fisher - Steve Perrin
Inspector Grimpole - Richard Harding
Constable Church - Lenny Daly


Stage Crew - Tia Barrie & Derek Thompson
Director - Kerrie Thompson
Lighting & Sound - Ben Harrison & Hannah Stennett
Props & Costumes - Christina Betts and Rainham R.A.T.S. hire 

Poster by Lynne Egide

1st April 2011
Rochester Cathedral