Lethal Ingestion

A Pyramid Puzzles Original Murder Mystery

A joint fund raising event for St Matthews Church

Members are gathered in the lounge of the Explorers' Club, in Rochester. These intrepid travellers are describing their most recent activities in foreign parts.  However, amidst subtle sneers and provoking jibes a death occurs, suddenly. The police are naturally called to the scene; and the police surgeon announces that the much disliked club secretary Ms Fenwick has been poisoned; and most likely by some exotic biological toxin. 

Police questioning ensues during which the adventurers reveal important clues that could point to the murderer, after which, YOU the audience will be invited by Inspector Grimpole of Scotland Yard to join in the investigation and assist in interviewing the suspects and see how much of a super sleuth you really are. 

There are many motives and many red herrings and the finger of suspicion can point at one and all - however, there can be only one true culprit who not only has motive but also the means, and the opportunity!


Ms Frances Fenwick - Carol Scott
Edwin Eastbrook - Steve Perrin
Benjamin Brubank - Mick Harris
Dorothea Darkwood - Sophia Harding
Augusta Arbuthnott – Helen Bradshaw
Celia Coldstream – Tracey Minhard
Insp Grimpole – Richard Harding
Constables – Andrew White & Jayne Friend

Poster by Tim Cooke

Poster by Kerrie Thompson

15 May 2010 
Cleave Warne Hall

8 June 2002
Medway Little Theatre