Murder Amongst the Dunes

Murder Amongst the Dunes 
a Pyramid Puzzles Murder Mystery

It's winter in the Roaring Twenties. A few hundred miles south of Cairo, an hour into the desert from the Nile, is the archaeological dig site of Abu Aramid. An unknown tomb has been found. Dig chief archaeologist, Matthew Wilson, is hoping that the timely arrival of the Philanthropist Lady Lucille will precipitate more funds for a second season at the site. Within hours of arriving, Lady Lucille receives a hieroglyphic note that intimates that her first Egyptian visit may be her last. However, the sudden death of Site manager Abdullah and the various unusual happenings indicate that perhaps there is more to the locals' gossip about a Mummy’s curse than at first appears.


Marianne Jameson, Lady Brocklehurst’s companion: Helen Bradshaw
Lady Lucille Brocklehurst, Lady of independent means, co-founder of the Egyptian exploration fund: Sophia Harding
Agatha Dwight, Site doctor - Niece of Lady Lucille: Alex Lawes
Matthew Wilson, Dig chief archaeologist: John Bradshaw
Edward Winchester, archaeologist: Owen Beesley
Clara Denton, dig artist: Carol Scott
Lucinda Montgomery, Egyptologist: Tracy Minard
Lassam – local mad woman!: Kerrie Thompson
Gill – local lad: Liam Williams
Abdulla Ahmad, Site manager: Richard Harding
Shimmee Jata - goverment official on dig: Karen Williams
Mummy: Lizzie Bradshaw


Lighting & Sound – Derek Thompson
Backstage – Kairn Bignell

Poster by Tim Cooke

14 September 2013 
11th Medway Scouts, Rycroft Hall, Chatham

4 October 2013
The Howard School, Rainham

5 October 2013
Longfield & New Barn Hall