Babes in the Wood

Babes in the Wood
by Helen Bradshaw

If you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise!

Evil Aunt Wilhelmina plans to get rid of the Babes so that she can inherit their fortune. She enlists the unwilling help of bumbling servants Odd & Bod to assist her in her dastardly plan.

Can Nanny McPoppinfee & handsome cousin Robin save the day? 

Gnorman the overgrown gnome is determined to make this the first ever panto without a happily ever after, but chirpy Fairy Marion has other plans.

Throw in a few life sized Teddy Bears for good measure and you know it's Alternate Shadows panto time...



Hans - Oscar Harding
Greta - Cordelia Harding
Nanny McPoppinfee - Mick Harris
Odd - Helen Bradshaw
Bod - Christina Betts
Wilhelmina - Sophia Harding
Robin - Dominic McCarthy
Fairy Marion - Jayne Friend (16, 23, 30 Jan), Sarah Weekes (6, 27 Feb)
Gnorman The Gnome - Richard Harding
Teddy Brown - Felim McCarthy
Baby Ted - Eliot Harding  

Director - Richard Harding
Lighting and Sound - John Bradshaw
Stage Manager - Caz Mills
Backstage crew - Felim McCarthy, Elaine Laight, Tracey Mills, Robbie Mills-Maisner
Set Design - Caz Mills
Props and Costumes - Jayne Friend, John Bradshaw, Richard Harding

Poster by Caroline Mills

16 January 2016
Cedar School Strood (private performance for the children as a reward from the school for good attendance)

23 January2016
Pilgrims School, Warwick Crescent Borstal, Rochester

30 January 2016
St William of Perth School, Canon Close, Maidstone Road, Rochester

6 February 2016
Riverside School, St Edmund’s Way, Rainham

27 February 2016
St Barnabus Church, Upper Ave, Istead Rise