Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and The Beanstalk
an original pantomime by Helen Bradshaw

Fee fi fo fum, Panto time is about to come!

Dame Molly and her daughter Jaq face eviction from Daisy Moo's Farm. Evil landlord, Sir Hugo Trumpington-Bigbum has given them twenty-four hours to come up with the cash to pay their overdue rent before he sends in his bumbling henchmen Loot and Dosh to claim their home.

Enter handsome plumber Jack, new in town and looking for work.

Armed only with a sonic sink plunger he sets out to save the day with the assistance of Daisy the magical cow, a bag of beans and Herman the heavy metal loving harp.

Alternate Shadows proudly present Jack and the Beanstalk, their first eco-friendly pantomime.

Not only does it feature a homegrown beanstalk, but also all jokes have been recycled from previous productions!


Dame Molly - Richard Harding
Jaq - Jayne Friend 
Sir Hugo - Mick Harris 
Daisy - Helen & Lizzie Bradshaw 
Giant Shortshanks - Felim McCarthy 
Loot - Sophia Harding 
Henchmen, Flyerers, Henrietta Hen & Herman The Harp - Oscar & Cordelia Harding
Jack - Alex Lawes (17th, 24th & 31st Jan), Adam Pickering  (7th & 28th Feb)
Dosh - Karen Williams (17th, 24th & 31st Jan), Tracey Mills (7th & 28th Feb)


Director - Richard Harding
Stage Crew - Andy Whiting, Tracey Mills, Elaine Laight, Felim McCarthy, Jamie & Robbie Maisner, Caz Mills
Lighting & Sound -John Bradshaw
Costumes/Props - Helen Bradshaw, Alison Whiting, Caz Mills, Kerrie Thompson
Set Design, Painting & Construction - Caz Mills, Tim Cooke, Andy Whiting, Felim McCarthy, Alex Lawes, Helen, John & Lizzie Bradshaw, Tracey Mills, Robbie Maisner, Cordelia & Oscar Harding


Poster by Caroline Mills

17 January 2015
Cedar CP School, Strood

24 January 2015
Frindsbury & Wainscott District Girl Guides at All Saints Hall, Frindsbury

31 January 2015
The Pilgrim School, Rochester

7 February 2015
St William of Perth CP School, Rochester

28 February 2015
Riverside Primary School, Rainham