Robinson Crusoe - The Truth

'Robinson Crusoe - The Truth'
by James Barry

“I love to pull the wings off flies, I like to push in queues
And sometimes I'm so naughty I get featured on the news
And when I'm asked a favour I invariably refuse
I'm allowed to, 'cos I'm a pirate!”

Aye Aye Shipmates it’s Half Term Panto time as Alternate Shadows welcomes you aboard for a Pantomime packed with music and laughter!

Robinson Crusoe – The Truth by James Barry is great fun for all the family. It's the tale of hapless Robinson Crusoe who sets sail to find his fortune so he can return a marry his childhood sweetheart Polly. Yet, when Crusoe is shipwrecked, he realises he isn’t quite as alone as he thought as his Polly and his mum are also marooned on the island. Pirates, cannibals, Uncle Pete’s map and hidden treasure abound – on the secret island of Moi!


Robinson Crusoe - Sophia Harding
Ruby Crusoe - Richard Harding
Manfred Day - Steve Perrin
Cap’n Will Atkins - Tim Cooke
Polly Perkins - Megan Pemberton


Directed by Richard Harding
Stage Managers - James Copland, Tina Betts
Set Design & Construction - Richard Harding, Tim Cooke, Christina Betts & Geoff Down
Costumes/Props - Kerrie Thompson, Tim Cooke, Christina Betts & Richard Harding
Lighting & Sound - Mick Harris and Ben Harrison

Poster by Chris Brake

16 February 2008
Cleave Warne Hall

1 March 2008
St. William of Perth School, Rochester